Dear tumblr: I’m looking for radio stations to listen to online. Any recommendations? This is not a location-restricted question as I’m looking for music around the world.

I usually listen to pop music, but I’m also open to other genres. Thank you! :)

Anonymous said: you're absolutely amazing. just remember that.

I never get these types of messages on tumblr, so thank you. I wish you weren’t on anon so that I could know who to direct my affection towards!

This was just a dream for me. My heart can’t control itself.

The last time I came to Los Angeles, it was after we buried my great uncle, the man who made it possible for me to have a better life. The time before that, I came to meet him.

It feels amazing to be able to come to this city on a less melancholy note. To be able to come and leave with laughter and smiles instead of tears. Things have changed, and so have I, but none for the worst. I love this city, and I love my life.

Dear world…

Today was a good day. We started out leaving San Francisco at sunrise, and as soon as we got to Los Angeles, we were greeted by the sunset. In between, we saw a lot of beautiful sights. The Californian coast is amazing. Breath-takingly beautiful. And to top it all off, the house we are currently staying in is gorgeous. I can’t ask for more from this vacation.

I also just found out that I passed my Music History course. I’m incredibly happy right now. I wish I could bottle up this feeling and take it out whenever I feel down. I feel accomplished. It feels great.

Just some shots from my current travel adventure.

California, I’ll see you soon.

In less than 12 hours, I’ll be off to California. No words can express my excitement right now.